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Have a Heart Day

Have a Heart Day is a fundraising project of the Oklahoma Animal Care Foundation.  This benefits the Oklahoma Pet Overpopulation Fund which subsidizes qualified candidates for spay/neuter assistance statewide. Donate today, campaign ends February 14, 2017.

Pet Overpopulation Program

The purpose of this state aide program is to address the pet overpopulation situation by implementing spay/neuter programs for low income families. It also provides an educational program about responsible pet ownership. Veterinarians who are members of the OVMA may apply to become approved veterinarians for the program.

Pet Memorial Program

The Pet Memorial program is a sincere and compassionate way for veterinarians to honor their clients by making a donation in a pet’s memory. Animal owners utilize the Pet Memorial program as an expression of gratitude to veterinarians for outstanding care provided to their pets.

Animal Friendly License Plate

The Animal Friendly License Plate was created when the Oklahoma legislature enacted the Pet Overpopulation Fund in 2004. Sale of Animal Friendly License plates is one method of accruing funds to combat Oklahoma’s Pet Overpopulation Crises.

Oklahoma History Center

In addition to participating in and fully supporting the overall mission of the Oklahoma Historical Society to preserve and perpetuate the history of Oklahoma and its people, the museum collects, preserves and interprets the complete history of Oklahoma for everyone.

Jana S. Black Memorial Scholarship

To honor Jana Black and her 20 years of service to the OVMA the Jana S. Black Memorial Scholarship has been established with the Oklahoma State University Foundation.

Oklahoma Livestock Relief Coalition

The Oklahoma Livestock Relief Fund was established to provide funds directly to law enforcement from the time of seizure of animals until the time the animals are released by the owner to the seizing agency when they may be dispersed.

Induction Ceremony Class of 2021 Form

Gray is the academic regalia color for the profession of veterinary medicine. The veterinary coating ceremony marks the beginning of the DVM classroom curriculum and culminates at year four in didactic clinical rotations. In recognition of the personal accomplishments and pride associated with reaching this phase of a student’s professional education, CVHS confers a lab coat to each incoming veterinary student. Presentation of the coats symbolizes the college’s affirmation of qualifications suitable to begin the veterinary professional journey toward earning a DVM.