Become a Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering to work at the 2022 Oklahoma State Fair.  We appreciate your willingness to volunteer at the Birthing Center. Each year hundreds of veterinarians, technicians, and students come together to educate the public on veterinary medicine. Without you, these exhibits would not be possible. Thank you!


– Oklahoma State Fair Committee


1. Using the schedule below, identify the shift(s) when you want to volunteer.

2. After determining your desired shift(s), please click the orange VOLUNTEER button below. This button will direct you to complete the sign-up sheet. This sheet will ask for desired shift(s) and contact information.  Accurate contact information is imperative for ticket and parking pass delivery.

3. Once the OVMA office has received your request, we will update the online schedule, and you will receive a confirmation email. Please be sure to review the informational documents in the email.  Please note, we currently do not have the capabilities for the schedule to be updated in real-time. The schedule will be updated by the end of each business day.

4. If you need assistance volunteering, please call the OVMA office at 405-478-1002.


(Schedule is updated at the end of each business day)