Low Income Sterilization Program

What is the purpose of the low income sterilization program?
The purpose of this state wide program is to address the pet overpopulation situation by implementing spay/neuter programs for low income families along with an educational program about responsible pet ownership. Statistics are showing that pet sterilization for low income families effectively reduces pet overpopulation. The Oklahoma Veterinary medical Association believes this is a win-win program because it addresses a societal problem, governing agencies win by reducing expenditures for animal control, and fewer animals will need to be euthanized.

What is the Pet Overpopulation Program?
A fund established by the Oklahoma State Legislature to render financial support for pet sterilization for low income families and to provide educational programs on responsible pet ownership. Click here to donate to the Pet Overpopulation Program.

What constitutes a low income owner?
Any Oklahoma resident verified by proof of Medicaid Card, Social Security Award Letter, or an Electronic Balance Transfer (EBT) Card, which verifies eligibility in the Food Stamp, Women’s, Infants& Children (WIC), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or day care programs.

How can owners apply for the low income sterilization program?
Applicants can complete an application form found below.