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Political Action Committee FAQ’s 2019

What is a PAC?

  • A political action committee is an organization created to raise and spend contributions from its members. Those contributions are donated to campaigns, ballots, or legislation the committee supports or opposes. Any contributions made to a PAC are voluntary.

Why did the OVMA create the DVM-PAC

  • Many associations create PACs, even the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has a PAC. It is a useful tool to increase engagement with members of Congress or state legislators.
  • The OVMA created the DVM-PAC to make contributions towards policies and candidates in Oklahoma who support veterinary medicine.
  • The DVM-PAC is to support candidates for election to elective state and local offices by collecting money from DVM-PAC members and contributing that money to the political campaigns of such candidates.

What does the DVM-PAC do?

  • The DVM-PAC is used to promote the unique value veterinarians provide in animal healthcare and public health. PACs do not “buy votes” but contributions are effective tools in allowing access to educate legislators and their staff about the OVMA and the issues important to veterinary medicine in Oklahoma.

Who does the DVM-PAC support?

  • The DVM-PAC is a voluntary, unincorporated organization of individual veterinarians and others, which shall be independent of any political party, candidate, or other organization, except that it shall be affiliated with the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association

What is the oversight of the DVM-PAC?

  • With guidance from the OVMA lobbyist, Clayton Taylor and Jerrod Shouse, the OVMA Legislative Advocacy Committee is responsible for the distribution of funds collected by the PAC.

I gave to the DVM-PAC once, isn’t that enough?

  • The DVM-PAC survives on contributions from our generous members. PAC donations of any size are appreciated, but the more funds donated, the stronger the PAC, and the more influence the DVM-PAC will have at the state capitol.

Where does my money go?

  • Contributions are deposited into a DVM-PAC account and are dispersed based on the recommendations of the OVMA lobbyist with the approval of the Legislative Advocacy Committee members. The DVM-PAC is nonpartisan and gives to legislators who sit on committees that influence our issues, have been supporters of the veterinary profession, or have a willingness to understand the issues and opportunities of the veterinary profession in Oklahoma. Candidates that accept money from the DVM-PAC must deposit the funds into their candidate PAC account. These accounts are regulated by the Oklahoma Ethics Commission to ensure contributions are collected, dispersed, and spent in line with set regulations.

Are there limits on contributions?

  • Individuals are limited to a $5000 per calendar year contribution.

Are contributions tax deductible?

  • Contributions to the DVM-PAC are not tax deductible.

Is there a difference in corporate and personal contributions?

  • Yes, according to the rules of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission no corporate or labor union may make a contribution to PAC (Rule 2.23) Corporate contributions are checks or credit cards on a business account (LLC, PC, or Inc.). Personal contributions are checks or credit cards from personal account. Any corporate contributions can be used for the administration expenses of the DVM-PAC, but cannot be used for contributions to candidate committees.