Saving Pets of Tulsa (SPOT)

Saving Pets of Tulsa is a movement to reduce the number of unwanted pets in the Tulsa area. SPOT has three objectives in mind to accomplish their goal of addressing the pet overpopulation crisis in Tulsa:

  1. SPOT will increase pet registrations in Tulsa
  2. SPOT will help Tulsa citizens gain access to low-cost spay and neutering services
  3. SPOT will serve the public by educating and raising awareness of the pet overpopulation crisis

Combining SPOT with the efforts of the OVMA Pet Overpopulation Program will increase access for citizens in the Tulsa area to utilize low-income pet sterilization programs. It has been estimated that over 4,000 pets are euthanized each year just in Tulsa. Over time, increased efforts from pet sterilization programs will reduce the number of animals in Tulsa shelters and potentially euthanized.

The OVMA Pet Overpopulation Program operates on individual donations, grants, the sale of the Pet-Friendly License Plate, and OK income tax refunds. Pet owners on qualifying state assistance programs are encouraged to complete an application and if approved they will receive a voucher to get their pet sterilized by a participating veterinarian for $10. Applications are limited to two pets per household per year and surgeries are performed by OVMA veterinarians in the Tulsa area.

Should you wish to help these effort donations can be made to the SPOT program which will be used only for pets in the Tulsa area. SPOT and OVMA know this is a community effort and donations along increase awareness of the program can make huge strides in our efforts for Tulsa to have no unwanted pets.  SPOT is also thankful for the generous donation from the Osage Casinos to increase awareness of the program and allow more sterilizations to be performed in Tulsa.

Thank You