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Food Animal

Dr. Meredyth Jones

Texas A&M University  /  College Station, TX

Small Ruminant Parasite Management
This session will focus on current thoughts regarding small ruminant parasite control, including actual case herd data with discussion about pasture, animal and drug factors in anthelmintic resistance.

Fluid and Transfusion Therapy in Small Ruminants
This session will focus on crystalloid, colloid and blood product use in small ruminants, with specific focus on formulation of fluids for specific disease conditions and bloodwork abnormalities.

Case-based Small Ruminant Medicine
In this hour, I will present some challenging small ruminant cases which will demonstrate decision-making with regards to the workup, drug selection, and therapeutic options.

Dr. Jones received her DVM from Oklahoma State University in 2002. She entered private mixed-animal practice in Brandenburg, Kentucky, later completing a residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine-Emphasis Food Animal and receiving a MS degree in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences at Oklahoma State University.  She then taught food animal field services at Kansas State for 6 years and has been at Texas A&M since 2012, also in food animal field services.

Dr. Robert Streeter

Oklahoma State University   /  Stillwater, OK

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Streeter is an adjunct associate professor of Food Animal Medicine & Surgery at Oklahoma State University.  He is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Large Animal.  He developed his interest in veterinary medicine being raised on a 4000 acre diversified livestock operation in southwestern South Dakota which produced cattle, sheep and horses.  He received his BS and DVM from Oklahoma State University.  After graduation, he worked as an associate veterinarian in a mixed animal practice in Bolivar, Missouri for two years. Dr. Streeter then undertook a residency in Food Animal Medicine & Surgery and earned his master’s degree at Ohio State University conducting research on Johne’s disease in cattle. He returned to OSU in Stillwater in 1992 as a Food Animal Clinician and has enjoyed treating patients and teaching students ever since.  He has particular interest in diagnostic ultrasonography, management of lameness and gastrointestinal and urologic surgery. Streeter has contributed to several scientific publications.

Dr. Leslie Wagner

Oklahoma State University  /  Stillwater, OK

Minimally Invasive Tube Cystostomy
This presentation will review the basics in diagnosis and treatment of obstructive urolithiasis in goats. Medical and surgical treatments will be discussed and special focus will be given to a novel surgical technique for minimally invasive tube cystostomy.

Leslie Wagner is originally from deep south Texas where she grew up in an agricultural community. She went to Texas A&M University for both her undergraduate and her DVM. After doing her internship in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery here at Oklahoma State, she was fortunate enough to be able to stay on as a resident. She has a particular interest in beef production, ultrasound, and lameness. After her residency, Leslie wants to work in a rural private practice helping to promote agriculture. Eventually, she would like to return to a teaching hospital to help teach future veterinarians and be able to work with extension programs.

Dr. Dwight Wolfe

Auburn University  /  Auburn, AL

Diagnosis and Management of Male Fertility in the Beef Herd; Problems with Bulls
This presentation will review management strategies for pasture breeding bulls and diagnostic techniques that are useful for determining causes of bull reproductive failure. In addition to presenting a review of common maladies affecting breeding bulls, this presentation will review methods that may determine deficiencies that may not be evident on a routine breeding soundness evaluation

Management of Challenging Reproductive Problems in the Cow
This presentation will review strategies and tips for management of difficult obstetrics as well as techniques for restoring reproductive health in cows with urogenital injuries or diseases. This session will conclude with select case summaries.

Marketing Veterinary Services for the Food Animal Practitioner
This presentation will review obstacles and opportunities for marketing food animal veterinary services in a time of herd expansion. This session will conclude with select food animal case summaries.

After earning a B.S. in Animal Sciences from the University of Tennessee in 1973, Dr. Wolfe entered Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine where he received his D.V.M. in 1977.

He served three years in a five-veterinarian mixed practice in Tennessee before returning to Auburn where he finished a Master’s degree in Large Animal Surgery and Medicine in 1982 and a residency in Theriogenology in 1983. Dr. Wolfe joined the faculty as assistant professor in 1983 and is currently a professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Auburn University.

Dr. Wolfe was honored by the naming of the Wolfe Barn in the Large Animal Teaching Hospital in 2006.

Dr. Wolfe has edited and co-authored a text on Large Animal Urogenital Surgery and authored or co-authored 25 other book chapters. He has authored or co-authored 41 abstracts, 69 refereed journal articles as well as made 116 invited presentations at 65 states, regional, national or international meetings with published proceedings.

Dr. Wolfe is board-certified by the American College of Theriogenologists and has served as president of that organization as well as the Society of Theriogenologists. Dr. Wolfe is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture at Auburn University.

Alabama Veterinarian of the Year – Alabama Veterinary Medical Association (2004)
Alabama Livestock Hall of Fame – 2006
Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching – Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (2010)
Bartlett Award for Lifetime Achievement – Socity for Theriogenology (2011)
Auburn University CVM Disitnguished Alumnus – 2012